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Cast List

STEPHEN CAFFREY as Lt. Myron Goldman
PAMELA GIDLEY as Lt. Nikki Raines, RN
TERENCE KNOX as Sgt. Ezekiel "Zeke" Anderson
KEVIN CONROY as Capt. Rusty Wallace (1st season)
TONY BECKER as Cpl. Danny Percell
ERIC BRUSKOTTER as Pvt. Scott Baker (1st season +)
RAMON FRANCO as Pvt. Alberto Ruiz
STAN FOSTER as Pvt./Sgt. Marvin Johnson
STEVE AKAHOSHI as Pvt. Randy "Doc" Matsuda (1st season)
MIGUEL A NUNEZ JR as Pvt/Sgt. Marcus Taylor
JOSHUA MAURER as Pvt. Roger Horn (1st season)
BETSY BRANTLEY as Dr. Jennifer Seymour (2nd - 3rd seasons)
DAN GAUTHIER as Lt. John McKay (2nd - 3rd seasons)
KIM DELANEY as Alex Devlin (2nd season +)
CARL WEATHERS as Col. Carl Brewster (3rd season)
JOHN DYE as Pvt. Francis "Doc Hock" Hockenbury (3rd season)
LEE MAJORS as Pvt. Thomas "Pop" Scarlet (3rd season)
KYLE CHANDLER as Pvt. William Griner (3rd season)
PATRICK KILPATRICK as CIA agent Duke Fontaine (3rd season)

Marcus, Alberto, Danny [back], Roger, Randy, Rusty, Zeke, Myron [middle], Scott and Marvin

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